Explanation of works 



The appreciation of sokyo's calligraphy


止 <stop>

               original          as an example


Try your image like an example picture to oneself.

 Shall you feel of far or near?

Work of left side is made normally from Chinese ink and

 the Chinese drawing paper by hair pencil.

Its color is a monochrome or right blue.

Fundamentally trace of line can not daub with color,

 But without color, sokyo's world is beautifully contrasted by ray and space.


<遊> play


Please imagine the spectacle in which the child has flown and jumped in the open space.

Calligraphy which is seen by reflection, contrast of black and white and the effect of light are emphasized.

White (unfilled space) is especially beautiful.

The creation of the large universe which I am pursuing was realizable.

There is the world different from the writing written to paper.


Picture (1995) 240x270







< 多 適 >



.I spread and it shows that I think in a heart.



  Picture   (2017)  (245x335)







<権> Right


This work was there any spirit which blows away authority freely and generously by power?

The pattern of a ball is made in some places at processing paper by full of ink

<Independent calligraphy exhibition > great work of 2030x1350.


Picture (1976)








<The fish in which the tree grew>


 It was rich in creation by the previous work. which soot dotage (soot dotage is corrected)

As another, genre so and so of writing is one of the works included in my mind.

Picture (1962) 325x665








<運> Fate



Fate held firmly. It is thick, and is forcible and the element is entangled closely.

Picture (1999) 450x350











It is the work with which soot dotage was rich in creation by the previous work. (Soot dotage is corrected)

The work discovered recently.

It is what was left and written to a blot and technique as a student.

It is not meaningful. Since glasses were made dim, glasses have been entitled.


Picture (1962) 240x250



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